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4 Ways to Stop Lip Lines and Get Plumper Lips

Did you know that unlike the rest of your body, your lips age twice as quickly? The lips only have 2-3 cell layers of protective skin, no oil glands and are exposed to sun and the elements repetitively which causes the loss of collagen which results in wrinkles and lip lines. Deep lip lines are difficult to reverse so prevention is key.

Tip 1:
Exfoliate your lips at least once a week - You can do this by using a wet, soft bristle tooth brush and gently rub it along your lips to get rid of dead skin.

Tip 2:
Moisturize your lips with a lip balm that contains high levels of hyaluronic acid. Doctor Babor Anti-Wrinkle Booster for Lips contains hyaluronic acid and bio-peptides that moisturizes and plumps the lips from the inside and is paraben, mineral oil and fragrance free.

Tip 3:
Protect your lips with SPF

Tip 4:
Ask your Dermatoligist about laser options