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2 Types of Lotion

hand with drop of lotion

Moisturize Your Hands Right

Many don't know that in order to correctly keep your hands moisturized it takes two types of lotions.


Using a good hand cream once a day will not only help with cracks and dryness but it will also prevent future problems such as hangnails. When looking for a hand cream it is best to find one...

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women applying makeup

Less is More

Just like in art sometimes less is more. You might not even need to use a foundation


In a world where more is usually better we must resist the temptation to “over-do-it” with our makeup. After all, the point of makeup is not to show off the product its self but instead have...

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A Makeup Masterpiece

women washing face with white tank top

First Wash Your Face!

To get your face to look like a masterpiece you must first start with a blank canvas.


Just like many of the great Painters of old such as Van Gogh, Dali and all the “Ninja Turtles” you must also begin your daily makeup routine with a “blank canvas”. After all give yourself credit, YOU ARE AN ARTIST!....

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