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New Blowout Hairstyles

The blow-dry bar also referred to sometimes as a blow bar (I know, that’s why I shy away from this verbiage) is simply a salon that specializes in blow-drying hair into trending styles. Individuals with money ready to blow (pun intended) go to this type of bar two or three times every week. In the long run this equals out to be thousands of dollars per year. If you are someone that enjoys convenience, has money and likes a good hair do, this could just be the thing for you. As for the rest of us that perhaps are lacking in our current fiscal situation, may want to try doing it ourselves. In the following we will lay out some of the benefits and blowbacks of blow-dry bars.

We will first start with the benefits. Blow dry bars are not usually as expensive as getting your hair cut at the salon. One of the big reasons for this is that blow dry bars do exactly what they say and nothing more. No haircuts, pedicures or manicures; only “blow outs” (At home with my 6-month-old boy in diapers my husband and I have a completely different definition for that term). Anyway, Where were we? Ah yes, “blow out” hairdos. In many of these bars they will have a list of styles with spunky, almost fruit smoothie like names attached, such as Hot Toddy, Cosmo-Tai or Up-Tini. Not only do the hairstyles sound like fruit smoothies but the inside of the bars usually take on a contemporary, “Apple store”, simplistic type of feel, which is mostly white with fruit color highlights. The bars usually serve champagne, cookies and fruit soaked water. Over all it is usually a very pleasing environment and a great hang out for the girls. The environment is definitely one of the big pluses to visiting a blow-dry bar and is a big factor for why individuals will keep coming back. Aside from the fantastic experience the hairdos are to die for. Not only do they look amazing but they usually last for at least a couple of days. This means that if you have an important long-term occasion, like a wedding for example, getting your hair done at a blow-dry bar would be a great option.

Now for the blowback. Cost is usually the number one reasons why individuals stay clear of the bar and end up trying to do it themselves. For a typical blowout style it generally cost around $35. Most bars will offer a flat rate no matter what hair type you are. However, they will charge extra for scalp massages and shampoos. Usually any food or drink comes complementary with the blowout, which of course is a plus. Another typical downfall of the blow-dry bar is sometimes you don’t always get what you personally expect. We have to remember that these are people and not robots working on hair. They will never create the exact same thing twice. This is a problem that is common in all of the hair industry and not just blow-dry bars. Sometimes it takes trial and error until that special someone is found that will blow-dry your hair just right. Another thing to keep in mind is how your hair will react to being blow dried regularly. Due to the large amount of heat used each time it can damage your hair by creating frayed ends or other such problems. It is important to know how your hair will react and to know when to give it a break.

Now for the do-it-yourself people. If you are looking to mimic what the blow-dry bars do at home, you will need a quality blow dryer. In order to get the heat that you need, buy a dryer that is at least 1875 watts. Some of the hairstyles will just not be possible if there are not enough watts. Also, it might be a good idea to get help from a friend instead of trying to do it yourself. If you don’t know even where to begin when it comes to blow-dry styling hair try going to a blow-dry bar once or twice to observe what they do to your “do”.

In the world of hair the new trend of blowout styles is here to stay for a long time. If you haven’t tried it yet you will most likely get an opportunity in the future as there are more and more blow-dry bars popping up every day. May your blow dryers stay hot and your hot dos stay blown!