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Foundation: Less is More

In a world where more is usually better we must resist the temptation to “over-do-it” with our makeup. After all, the point of makeup is not to show off the product its self but instead have the product show ourselves off. In other words, we are the purpose, point and centerpiece. Makeup should not be used for the sake of simply using it. Instead, it should be there to help with problem areas and to accent your best features or ones we wish were better. This is where the term “less is more” begins to make sense. After all, nobody wants to appear or feel like her face has been frosted with a thick wedding cake fondue. The appearance of natural beauty is almost always the best way to go. It will also make others around us think we are a true beauty instead of someone who simply puts on a mask each morning before cracking the door and stepping out into dreadful sunlight. Keep this in mind when applying concealer and foundation.

Concealer can sometimes be scary if the individual is not use to using one. However, concealer is considered by many beauty experts to be more important than foundation. If used correctly some people just use the concealer and skip the foundation all together. Concealer is used for the most part under the eyes but can also be used to cover up blemishes. If using it to cover up blemishes it should be applied after the foundation or it could be rubbed away. When using concealer under the eyes apply several dots close to the lashes and also in the corners. You can then use your finger or a small-headed brush with firm bristles for the desired look. Multiple layers can be applied if needed. Afterwards it’s a good idea to use a loose powder over the face with a fluffy brush. This will set the concealer.

As far as purchasing a concealer is concerned, it is better to ere on the dark side (said Darth Vader) or you could end up with the dreaded raccoon face. This happens when the product is too light for your skin type. Don’t be that person. Trust me, it’s weird.

Below are a couple of concealers and powders we recommend.

Stila Cosmetics Perfecting Concealer
Youngblood Ultimate Concealer

Powder Foundation
Youngblood Mineral Rice Setting Powder
glominerals gloLoose Base