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women with French tip nails

French Tips From Home

Depending on where you live, salon you use and if you need fake nails or not, French tips can cost anywhere from $10 to over $70. This is the type of thing that can burn a hole in your pocket quickly. Sometimes it’s nice to get out with the girls and get your nails done by a pro but if your like me and want to get your nails done on a weekly basis, going a more do-it-yourself route could save you tons of money and time. Below are a few tips, tricks and ideas on how you can get the same great result that you would from a salon and also have a sense of pride knowing that you made a nail masterpiece all by yourself.

Before we get started putting on polish it is best to first start with the health and strength of the nails. I will assume that we will be using our natural nails to create French tips instead of fake acrylics. Don’t get me wrong, fake nails are nice but they are much more difficult to do at home so we will not be discussing it in this article. If your natural nails are not yet up to par with the requirements of French tips because they are too short or broken, I would suggest a couple of things. For faster growing and healthier nails make sure to get plenty of vitamin D. This would include dairy items like milk and yogurt. Also, message the bed of each nail for at least 10 seconds every day. This will stimulate growth in the root. There are also a couple of products on the market that make nails stronger. One of these is called Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails. Other than this, the last thing I would suggest is to just leave them alone. This means no biting!

The first item of business to be considered when sitting down to start creating French tips is the shape of each nail. There are generally two different options when it comes to the nail shape. Surprisingly, depending on which option is chosen, it may say a lot about personality and lifestyle. First is a squared off tip. This usually shows more youthfulness and edge. It tends to tell people things like you are or once were in a sorority, you miss college or high school, you like to party and prefer big wedding rings. I’m not saying that this is what individuals are actually like who have square tips. I am simply saying people may infer this subconsciously even if it’s not true. The second kind of tip is rounded. This type of nail will portray an individual as a little more old school, classy, boring, responsible and proper. This is not always a bad thing depending on the occasion. If you are planning to find a job use rounded tips. If you are going on spring break use squared off tips or simply do whatever the heck you want. Who cares what people think, right!

In order to get the shape of tip desired, a nail file set would be a wise investment. It is best to get a set with multiple file types and sizes. This will help a ton in small corners and difficult edges. It will also shave off time required to complete the manicure. If squared tips are desired, when cutting each nail make sure to do it straight across and then file the corners round. If you want rounded tips….I’m sure you get the idea. When filing nails many people live and die by the emery board, so make sure to have one handy. Generally it is a good idea to file each nail starting from one side and working around the edge slowly so as to not make any cracks and to get a nice smooth edge. Afterwards, buff the nails using a buffing cloth.

Now that we have a smoothed shaped nail we are ready to get started painting. If you are like me and get white lines in the pink part of your nail it is critical to use pink nail polish over the entire nail first. Some people have naturally beautiful pink nails and may want to skip this step. Wait until they dry and then buff. After each nail is painted pink and dried, it is time to apply a strip of white polish or paper white out on the edge of each nail. That’s right, you heard correctly! One trick is to use white out instead of white nail polish. Some people prefer this and say it actually looks better, so give it a try! Getting a nice straight white strip is easiest to do by using scotch or masking tape to cover the pink part of the tip that should not be painted. Be sure to press the tape down firmly so the white polish or white out does not bleed underneath. After, wait for the white polish or white out to dry and then remove the tape. Use a Q-tip with polish remover to clean up any edges that don’t look right. Finally apply a thick clear polish coat over the top. Let it dry and give it a nice buff. There you have it! Beautiful French tip nails all done from home. Don’t you feel proud? Now go knock’em dead!