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Healthy Fingernails

For many of us it is difficult to maintain healthy looking nails. Weather it is a dry climate, demanding work environments or lack of time, nails seem to be at the top of the neglect list for many when it comes to personal hygiene. Surprisingly our nails are more noticeable to others then we might think. Here are some simple ways to help keep nails looking beautiful.

Keep Dry – Wet nails, over time, can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Change your socks often or take them of once in awhile to let breathe and dry off. If your hands are going to be wet for an extended period of time (for example when doing the dishes) try covering them up with cotton lined rubber gloves. When taking a bath leave them out of the tub as much as possible. Warm water tends to dry out skin in general and especially the skin around the nails.

File and Trim – Try cutting your finger nails straight across and use a file to give a smooth curve to the corners. It is best to cut and file your nails after a shower or bath when they are softer.

Lotion - Use lotion often, especially in dry climates. Take time to rub the lotion into the cuticles and nails. In order to have the lotion soak into the skin avoid products with Lanolin as it clogs pores and serves as a barrier more then a moisturizer. By doing this you can prevent hangnails, infections and cracks. Here is a great hand lotion.