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women washing face with a white tank top

A Makeup Masterpiece

Just like many of the great Painters of old such as Van Gogh, Dali and all the “Ninja Turtles” you must also begin your daily makeup routine with a “blank canvas”. After all give yourself credit, YOU ARE AN ARTIST! Your job each morning is to drag your limp tired body from its beauty sleep and go to work turning what may seem like a train wreck into something that resembles a face. In almost every case, if you are trying to create a masterpiece you need to start with a clean canvas. Washing your face is crucial in this process.

First thing is to start with an exfoliant. This should be worked in using circular motions. If done correctly it will take away any dead skin, dirt and whatever else may find its way onto your face. This will leave a silky smooth surface ready for an astringent or toner.

Here are some of the exfoliants that we recommend.
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Now for the astringent or toner! This is amust need for oils on the face. Not only does it pick up anything that the exfoliant may have left behind, but it also balances the oils. If you have oily skin or a combination an astringent may be best due to it containing alcohol that will tend to dry the skin more. Apply either the astringent or toner by using a cotton ball or pad, squeezing the product onto the pad and rubbing it on the entire surface of the face. Some people may say that it’s better to use upward or downward strokes or even patting it around, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter.

Below are some astringents and toners we recommend.
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Last but not least it is time to apply a moisturizer. It is important to choose a quality lotion that will not clog your pores and let your skin breath. It is a good idea to get one that has at least a 15 SPF. This will protect your skin from the sun and also help stop your foundation from cracking.

Here are some good moisturizers we recommend.
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There you go! Use the 3 steps of exfoliant, toner and moisturizer before applying your makeup in order to have the smoothest and best surface to create your masterpiece. Now it’s time to get to work you little Da Vinci Deva.