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Easy Skin Care for Men

I regret to inform all men everywhere that gone are the days of living in caves and swinging from vines. We no longer kill our food with our bare hands and pound our chests in victory. Instead we live in air-conditioned homes, drive cars and buy our food at super markets. Needless to say our way of life has changed and so too must the way we take care of our skin. If you are still treating your skin like a cave man, it is time to take the evolutionary steps of change.

Proper skin care need not take large amounts of time each day. It only requires a few small product or habit changes in order to obtain vastly superior results. It is important to realize that skin can speak volumes about an individual’s sense of self worth, overall health and confidence. Below are a few changes that can be made now to obtain healthier looking skin.

Soap is Soap is Soap

While familiar with the vast range of soaps, it is easy to understand that all soaps are not equal. Some are for the body while others are for the face. Body soaps tend to dry the skin and strip it of healthy oils the face needs. This is why I would recommend using an exfoliant and astringent nightly followed by a moisturizer.

“It Burns Us My Precious!”

Shaving removes a layer of skin and most often leaves it cut and irritated. Applying an alcohol-based aftershave can make the problem worse. Instead try a balm. Balms calm, heal and leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

I'm Not a Monster, I'm a Man!

Don’t let your skin turn you into a rough, scaly skinned monster. Moisturize your body daily paying particular attention to areas that are more prone to becoming dry such as the hands and feet. Drink plenty of water and remember if you’re dry on the inside you will be dry on the outside.

Well Oiled Machine

Diet and exercise are like oil and fuel to your healthy skin engine. Stay away from processed foods and focus on eating foods with healthy fats such as avocados and nuts. Create an exercise schedule and stick to it. Routine is half the battle when it comes to exercise. This will promote healthy circulation and blood flow making you appear years younger.

By applying some of these small changes and with time we may be able to change our barbarian, cave troll attitude about skin care to more closely match that of a modern human man. No promises though.