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Dos and Don'ts of Sunless Tanning

There is absolutely NOTHING I like more about spring than the return of sunshine. Who can resist wanting that sun- kissed glow that makes us feel healthier, thinner, and more attractive. Everyone knows that showing off gorgeous, bronzed skin under tank tops and sundresses and summer shorts are all part of summer fun! Self-tanning can be the perfect option! Really we are in the age of Medical proof if you choose to not protect yourself from the sun rays you will have regrets.

It may come as a surprise but self-tanners have come a long way in the past few years. They’re a quick, easy and affordable way to get that I-spent-the-day-at-the-sun look without the health risks of tanning beds and direct sunlight. They have even worked on the smell.


  • DO exfoliate. I love to shave, use a sugar scrub Eminence Coconut Sugar Scrub and then shave again. This will leave your skin perfectly prepped for a sunless tanner.
  • DO apply moisturizer to your ankles, feet, knees, elbows, wrists and hands. I love using Gloominerals Honey Sugar Body Butter.
  • Do use a self-tanner that you can see going on, having a color guide helps you to get all those nooks and cranny's to not look blotchy. I use gloves to not waste product and to not over stain my hands. See all of out sunless tanners
  • Do use a blender on elbows and knees to avoid patches, our favorite is Xen-Tan Blending Balm
  • Do use a tan maintainer or moisturize daily to prolong the life of your tan.
  • DO consider a Spa or Tanning salon. If you’re concerned you might mess up or just don’t want to make the effort to self-tan at home, Spa’s and salons offer a variety of options from spray tanning booths to body-sculpting tans (to give the illusion of toned abs or thinner thighs). These are pricier options than the home tan; sessions can be $50 or more. Also, be aware that while you can stand in a booth alone and be sprayed by a machine, you will have to be nude for tanning by an aesthetician.
  • DO try gradual tanning if you’re cautious. If you’re not sure you want to go from pale to golden tan overnight, consider some of the gradual self-tanners like Sun Labrotories Tan Overnight, Fake Bake Fair Gradual Self-Tan or Fake Bake Sport Unisex Daily Tan. It may take longer (a few days to a week) to achieve a darker color, but it gives you more control day by day.
  • Do keep your skin moisturized. Tanning of any kind will dry your skin out so it's important to keep your skin hydrated. You can use a regular moisturizer or you can use a gradual self-tanner to maintain your color without having to reapply every 7 days. Our favorite post-tan moisturizer is Hempz Original Herbal Moisturizer.


  • DON’T rush it. Give yourself plenty of time not only to apply but to set and dry before you put on your clothes.
  • DON’T forget to sniff. Many people dislike the smell of self-tanners, but some products may bother you less than others. If possible, smell the product before buying.
  • DON'T forget to wash your hands. If you don't apply self-tanner with gloves or a mitt make sure you wash your hands right after application with soap, water and a little bit of exfoliant.
  • DON’T forget to sniff. Many people dislike the smell of self-tanners, but some products may bother you less than others. If possible, smell the product before buying and if you really want to try a product but are afraid of the smell we recommend Xen-Tan Scent Secure or Xen'Tan Scent Secure Gold. Apply 1 hour after tanning to help block out the smell of tanning (and they're great moisturizers).
  • DON'T feel intimidated by sunless tanning. It's all about trial and error and trying different products to see what works best for you.